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It’s something else to see the world through a little one’s eyes.  Everything is so full of wonder and excitement!  It’s easy to lose that perspective the older you get, and the more life throws at you.  I often find myself slipping into negativity and battling all the “if onlys.” If only we had more money, if only I could decorate my house the way I want, if only we had location independence, if only I were a smaller size, if only I had a different wardrobe, etc.  The list could go on for days, and will go on for days if I let it!  UGH!

So then I look at my daughter and remind myself that the only thing that’s real is the present moment. I can choose to be fully present, or I can wallow in the past. Or even more silly, chase the future.  Spoiler alert, I can only get anywhere in life by being present and making choices in the now.  Yes, those choices can set me up for success for the future and help course correct mistakes from the past.  But it requires me to be focused on the moment and making choices in the moment.  I find myself putting down my phone more.  Because it’s worth it to see my little girl’s eyes light up when I get down on the ground to engage with her, and help her discover the world around her.  It’s forcing me to find that imagination inside of me, that is often choked out by the constant scrolling on my screen.

My family is everything to me right now.  My little girl is so precious and will only continue to grow and change.  I must choose to slow down and make choices that will only allow more of this with her, in the future.  She is my biggest “why.” What’s your biggest why?  Maybe you have two that are equally as important? I want to hear about it!  Let’s discuss.  I geek out over this stuff.  Comment below with your why(s)!

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