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How to Love the Skin You’re In

misty winesberry, close up, portrait, serious face, braids, girl with glasses

Let’s talk skin. Like, what the heck? When I got pregnant with my daughter, my skin freaked. All of a sudden I had inflamed rosacea on my cheeks. I d

misty winesberry, close up, portrait, serious face, braids, girl with glasses

idn’t dare touch my face, or dry skin would immediately start flaking off. I know it was the hormone changes, and some major internal inflammation coming to the surface as well.  But where do you even start, when it comes to addressingthose things?

I tried my best to cut out dairy, and that helped. I would laugh when people told me I had the pregnancy glow. I would say, well praise Him…my airbrush makeup is working! Sadly, these issues have not resolved themselves. Which leads me to believe that my insides are inflamed and revolting.

I’m tired of focusing on covering my skin issues up. Time for some major self love (read: self discipline) and healing for the inside of my body, out. Any one else experience these major changes during pregnancy and post-partum? This girl is ready for some non-inflamed skin!  The follow list are the top 5 ways I’m working from the inside out to rediscover and recover healthy skin.

5 Ways to Reduce Skin Inflammation

  1. Drink all the waters.  All of them.  And when you think you’re good, keep drinking more.
  2. Limit inflammatory foods and drink. (Google that ish.)
  3. Do NOT pick, scratch or claw at your skin! This can create a bacteria breeding ground.
  4. Moisturize the crap out of your face. But make sure your product is quality.  (Check out the Think Dirty app.)
  5. Make sure that whatever you are touching your face with is sterilize and/or clean.  Regularly wash makeup brushes, change out/wash makeup sponges often, and no reusing washcloths or towels.

I full expect that this is going to take me awhile to figure out.  It’s entirely possible that it may just get worse before it gets better.  Regardless, I only have one body and my skin is my largest organ.  So it’s time for me to give it the attention it and care that it has always deserved. Has anyone experienced similar issues and found success with a certain routine or list of products?  Fire away in the comments below!

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